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5 октября, 2016 - 22:24

12 ideas for Instagram contests

We wrote how to arrange interesting Instagram contests with unique photos of participants in December. Because posting of a photo made by the user personally won't be considered as spam by the other followers. Moreover, your contest will be really interesting and you'll get rid of “freeloaders” who create special accounts to make reposts and win anything possible.

Today we'll continue a theme of uniqueness and will offer you some great ideas to improve your next contest and make it more interesting.

  1. We want to get to know you better! Post a photo of you and your best friend to win [prize name]. The winner will be selected tomorrow at 12:00.
  2. Let's have fun! Post the funniest and topical motifake and win [prize name].
  3. Invent a new way of using our product and post a photo. The most inventive user will get the product for free! The winner will be announced tomorrow at 14:00.
  4. Who is glad with the winter? Post the best winter photo and win [prize name]. The winner will be announced tomorrow at 13:00.
  5. We've added a new dish to our menu! Visit us, try our novelty and post a photo of it and your review in Instagram. The winner will have a chance to enjoy this dish a month long for free. We'll announce the lucky's name tomorrow at 14:00.
  6. Are you ready for the Halloween? Show your costume and take part in our contest with [prize name] as the main prize!
  7. How much do you like [brand's name]? Express your love on a photo with tag [tag name]. Our most enamoured fans will be announced tomorrow at 12:00.
  8. Post a screenshot of your profile. The user with the greatest number of followers will get this [prize name] for free! The lucky will be announced tomorrow at 16:00.
  9. We arrange [event name] tomorrow. Post a photo from there. The user with the best photo will get [prize name].
  10. Prove you're not a sleepyhead! Post your bright and cheerful selfie tomorrow from 7 till 8 o'clock and take part in a competition for [prize name].
  11. Show us how your last weekend was! The photo which gets the greatest amount of likes, will be the cover of our page for the whole week!
  12. We have almost 10 000 followers. Rejoice with us - post a photo with this number written with anything and anywhere:) And we'll draw [prize name].

There can be much more interesting ideas. We hope you'll get inspired and think up your own ideas. And share them in comments.