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1 марта, 2017 - 16:19

Contest promotion: when to promote?

Running Instagram contest can be compared to a professional sporting event. You get prepared first, just like a professional athlete, then participate in the contest itself (sporting event), then you analyze your performance (post-competition debriefing, a sports analogy again). The preparation stage is very important, as without proper training no athlete can achieve their goals. There are also logistics issues to deal with (tickets, getting there on time, etc.)

Giveaway contest management works in the same way (not so much hassle, though). You have to decide on the type of prizes, pictures, terms and rules, to come up with a catchy description. Even before you start your contest, you have to decide whether you are going to cooperate with sponsors or bloggers, to make your target customers know about the contest. You also have to write posts on various social media platforms (Facebook, VK, OK, Twitter, etc.) You may even start sending newsletters via email.

Promotion activities are no less important that prizes and rules.

We are starting a series of articles on when, how and where you can promote your contests and attract as many participants as possible.


When to promote?

In the course of the contest you have to try and attract new followers. It’s better to plan carry out your promotion activities well beforehand.

We identify 4 key periods for promotion:

  • Before the launch. 48 hour before the contest starts;
  • Launch. The first 48 hours after the start of your giveaway contest;
  • During the campaign. 48 hours after the launch, but before prize draw;
  • The end. 48 hours before the end.

For each of those periods, the mood of your posts must be stage-specific, so you’d better prepare them beforehand. Below we’ll look at each period of contest promotion in more detail.

Before the launch: 48 hours before the contest starts.

A few days before the contest, when you already have your promotion materials (a picture and a description) write a post about the contest that is going to take place. The goals — to tease, to ignite the discussion, create intrigue around the prize. This post must attract those who are ready to participate.

Below you can see a few mood-driven headers:

  • Will you be lucky?
  • Unlucky last time? Here’s your second chance.
  • Get ready!
  • How many prizes do you think we have?
  • Watch your feed!
  • Are you ready to win?

1 post is optimal during this period.


Launch. The first 48 after the start.

The first two days after the start is the most important period for promotion. 40% of all participants come during this period. After the launch, when there is no intrigue about the prize or conditions, it is necessary to ignite the audience’s interest with various attractive images or videos featuring the prize, explaining how to participate in the contest.

During this time your mood-driven posts are like:

  • It’s on! Don’t lose your chance to participate!
  • Sign up and get a chance to win <prize name>.
  • The new contest is on
  • Don’t miss your chance to win <prize name>.

Do your best to keep your users engaged. Tell them about the reasons behind the contest (a family holiday, a lot of subscribers, etc.), about their chances to win, also, specify characteristics of your prize, explain who can participate, what terms must be met and where these conditions can be found.

During this period it is optimal to write 2 posts (main + supportive).


During the campaign. 48 hours after the launch, but before the prize draw.

In the first and last 48 hours, the greatest number of new participants will show up. But here it's important to remind you about the contest, because someone could simply miss it among other photos in their feed.

Here are some examples of possible reminders:

  • The contest will be over in 5 days! Don’t be too late
  • Almost no time left! Meet the conditions to participate...
  • Still enough time left for you to participate! How will you use [prize name], if you win?

The process of promotion is like delivering a speech at a conference: a powerful start and ending, quality content in the middle. The goal is to constantly interact with the audience. Do not lose the momentum that you got at the beginning. Keep reminding people that the contest is still on.

During this period, the number of messages depends on the duration of the contest. But try to write no more than one post a day.

The end. 48 before the end

The last two days - the time to prepare a great ending! As already mentioned, the last 2 days bring the largest number of new subscribers (as well as the first two days). Those who always want to share your posts later will start taking part at this point.

At this point, create a new post about the contest, in which you emit a sense of urgency and importance, write that there is very little time left unit super-cool prize draw.

A few examples:

  • The last day of the contest!
  • Your last chance to participate
  • (24, 12, 3) hours left until the end!
  • Hurry up! The contest ends today!

In this period it is important to place your post in a way that will allow the participants to see it and still have time to participate. It is recommended to publish 2 posts. The first one 48-24 hours before the end, and the second one - 5-3 hours before the end. So all participants will notice it and still have time to participate.

Now you know when and what messages to publish to attract new subscribers. In the next article we will tell you where to promote your giveaways.

While you are busy promoting, Giveaways.li can check the participants and determine winners.

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