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8 января, 2017 - 10:47

Repost-to-win, creative contest and lottery: what’s the difference?

“Giveaway” is known in the online space as repost-to-win, creative contest and lottery. At first glance the difference seems obvious; however, close consideration shows that many confuse these three concepts. Let us clarify the meaning below:

“Repost-to-win” contest – is a contest where you can get a free prize. Users are required to repost a contest picture using a special app or take a screenshot. Furthermore, users need to follow the rules of the contest runner. The winner is selected at random or based on the number of “likes”.

Summary: repost-to-win is a game of chance with no entrance fee involved.

“Creative contest” – is a contest where all participants are required to follow certain creative rules, for example post a thematic picture in the newsfeed (like this one). Winners are selected by the competent jury members or at random.

Summary: in a creative contest, participants express their personalities.

“Lottery” – is defined as “an instrument for attracting money by means of purchasing numbered tickets and giving away prizes”. In order to enter the lottery you need to buy a ticket. The winner is selected at random among those who have bought the tickets.

Summary: the lottery is a contest where one needs to make a monetary payment to enter and get a numbered ticket.

Giveaways.li was created to host repost-to-wins and creative contests. If you want to run a lottery, please consider using other services. Giveaways.li is not applicable to this.

If you have a prize and want to give it away to one of your subscribers in a repost-to-win or creative contest, Giveaways.li is an ideal solution for you.