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18 сентября, 2016 - 22:23

How to arrange the unique contest

What else can you offer except of repost-contests?

Arrangement of contests in social networks will make you more popular and will increase your sales. The only precondition is that the contest should be interesting and unusual.

Giveaway contests become more and more popular, thus, most of them have pretty common and usual conditions. Often you should simply repost the contest on your page and follow the organizer's account. According to our statistics, about 90 % of Giveaway contests have similar conditions and are typical.

Drawbacks of hackneyed contests

On the one hand, the easiest conditions you offer, the more potential participants you'll attract. On the other hand, not everyone wants to clutter up personal account with reposts looking like ads banners everybody's already got tired of. Even if you offer a good prize. Imagine that your own news line is crammed with ten identical posts with information on the contest. You won't find it great, will you? That's why so called "contest accounts" began to emerge in Instagram recently. These accounts are created specially for participation in contests and are intended to spare personal user's account from hundred reposts which can annoy his/her followers.

Stack on originality

Try to arrange a contest requiring the participants to make unique and fun photos. That's not so difficult at all. A contest of this type will arouse interest in your public, and thus, the participants won't be worried about annoying their followers.

Show yourself off

Selfie is the usual format of Instagram photos. For example, ask your participants to shoot emotions of the person aroused by your goods or service and to add a #hashtag with your goods, company and contest name.

You have your offline shop? Great! Then ask to make unusual photo against a signboard or a cash desk, or even in a fitting room (but please without "18 +" scenes!) :).

Show goods or service

You want people to talk about your products. So just ask your clients to do it! Ask the people who have already purchased something to show the product and write a few words about personal impressions. All followers of your buyer will learn about your product and read a good review of it.

Show the surroundings

Ask your followers to show a place where your goods would look the best. Or ask to post a vacation photo to share summer mood. There are many ideas, just think what variant could do the best for you.

Show the story

Do not forget to connect the contest's task with your company, goods or some specific event. For example, ask your followers to show a photo collage of trimming the New Year tree or of cooking a dish. This can evoke much interest and cause a discussion among the contest participants. So be ready to chat in comments.

Everyone can arrange the unique contest. After all, not the contest conditions or prizes should be unique. Let your contests bring people fun and joy with unique photos, and then they won't annoy your followers.