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Blog Post
3 февраля, 2017 - 11:50

The most favorite types of contests

Today we decided to add a bunch of stats and numbers to our conversations.

Before the New Year, we conducted a survey among our subscribers: What contests do they prefer? The results were rather predictable, but not less interesting.

The survey was conducted among 12.8 thousand followers of our Instagram page (@giveaways_ru). In implementing our survey, we wanted to find out which of the three types of competitions is most popular:

1. A simple share-to-win contest – the most popular type among  our Instagram users. What can be easier than just sharing a picture with text only to delete it from your feed later. Contests like that are also preferable as it is easy to find the organizers and unfollow them as soon as the contest is finished.

2.  Custom photo challenges – everyone’s least favorite type of Instagram contests, yet, the most interesting one. The point is simple.  As a participant, you have to take a picture/video and share it with the world with a special hashtag. The participants don’t usually unsubscribe right after the contest is finished, as they want get updates from the organizer’s account. Contests like this are effective and easy to organize – you use custom photos to increase brand awareness.

3. Loopgiveaways – loop contests are relatively new type among our Instagram users, but they already have gained popularity. The rules are very straightforward: the organizers have a prize pool, and they post the same picture with rules in their feeds, referring to the next organizer’s account. The participants have to like the pictures and go to the next sponsor’s page. It goes on until you come back to the initial picture. When the contest is over, the organizers brake the loop (stop referring to the next sponsor’s page) to retain their followers. It allows the organizers to get a lot of subscribers at once; if you are a participant, you don’t have to fill your feed with non-unique pictures.