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22 октября, 2016 - 22:27

Promotion of a contest in Instagram

What you should do to inform people about your contest

As you know Instagram-contests help companies to draw attention to them and to increase sales, as a result. But how can you draw attention of the audience to your contest, except of offering interesting conditions and valuable prizes? Today we'll consider the methods allowing to notify many people on the Internet about your contest.

Post a contest in your profile

Sounds like a commonplace, but you should post your contest in order to make it visible in Instagram. Thus, you should try post it at time and on a week day which are the most beneficial for you. Analyze activity of your followers using Instagram-statistics services, for example, iconosquare, and you'll see the ideal time for posting. We'll write about statistics analysis in more detail in the next articles.

Make a good photo

Pictures are the main content of the Instagram. Make your photo really worthy to share and see. The most pictures for contests are created in editors of mobile apps which are definitely not the best tool for this task. If you're not so good in design, you can address to real professionals. For example you can as designers of Giveaways.li to create your contest picture. We’ll arrange about the price.

Put correct #hashtags

Don't be lazy to add appropriate tags to the contest description using which people will find your contest. Use tags like #contest, #giveaway, #prize, and tags corresponding to your specific subject, region and prize.

Post a link to the contest in your profile

Instagram does not allow to insert active links into your posts. The only place where the active link is allowed is your profile. You can post the link to a web-page with detailed contest's description there. If you arrange a contest using Giveaways.li service, your contest page gets a short link like: giveaways.li/1234. This link can be placed in your profile as well.

Replicate your post in a while

The news line of many people is overloaded with different posts, so your contest could easily get lost among them. Remind the followers about it in a week or in the middle of the planned contest. People will recollect your contest and the thing that they've not taken part in it yet.

Ask to post your contest in thematic accounts

There are several accounts in Instagram which repost contests. Ask them to promote your contest. If you use Giveaways.li service, your contest will be reposted in community instagram.com/giveaways_ru for free.

Post a link to the contest on your website/blog

If your company has a website, that would be strange not to use it for a contest’s promotion. Post notification about it and the link to contest rules. The short link to the contest in giveaways.li service will be useful as well.

Contest in Instagram are useful and beneficial. Search for new possibilities to notify people about your contests and feel free to share your ideas in comments.