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8 августа, 2016 - 14:31

What is a Giveaway?

The draws called Giveaway have started to appear in social networks recently. So what is a Giveaway?

Giveaway is a draw or a contest requiring the participants to fulfil some certain conditions. For example, to subscribe for an Instagram account of the organizer or the partner, to like a photo, to repost a photo. Thus, the rules can concern not only actions on the Internet. For example, you can ask the participants to make photos in certain clothes or in a certain place. You can ask to cook some dish and to post the photo of it in Instagram.

As a rule, the winner of a Giveaway is selected randomly. This is the feature which distinguishes it from those contests where the person who's fulfilled the task the best wins, and from the lotteries which usually require a financial contribution.

Usually the prizes in Giveaway are some material things. This can be the goods which the shop sells, or some gift from partner-company. A service, such as certificate for staying at a hotel or nail design can serve as a prize as well. Thus, the prize should be neither too cheap, otherwise, the contest won't attract many participants, nor too expensive, so that the contest does not ruin your business.

Giveaway became popular after coupon-boom which the users got tired with. It's much more interesting for people to get gifts, not some ephemeral discounts, which can moreover run out.