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16 августа, 2016 - 22:13

Why Giveaway-contests are useful?

Why Instagram contests are useful and how they work

Everybody wants to become a little bit more popular

And there is a plenty of ways to do it on the Internet. Banner advertising, SEO-promotion, promotion in social networks, various discounts and sales were invented for people and companies selling goods or service. But everybody got tired of these promotion types.

Discounts do not work

Or better to say - they do not always work. Discount is interesting if it's unique. When all stores offer the discount, it means just a mass reduction of prices, and discount is not considered as really valuable anymore. Discount is always interesting, if it makes 100 %, but then it's a gift, not a discount it any more. Nobody wants to present gifts for no reason getting; therefore, the gift should be drawn, so that the participants will have to do something which will eventually make you more popular. That’s how Giveaways work.

Reasons to arrange Giveaway-contests

Increase of followers in social networks

Giveaway is an excellent way to increase the number of your followers in Instagram, especially if you’ve chosen a really good prize. Just specify that the participants have to follow you, as one of contest conditions. You can also ask participants to tag some friends on photo, so that the other people also learn about the contest. Of course all followers of the participant will know about the contest if they read the news, but tagging a friend is a more reliable method, since the tagged person will get notification in the app.

Saving of money and time

Giveaway is a very effective measure compared to the other ways of attraction the followers' attention. The main part of expenses is connected with cost of the prize. If the prize is a product you produce, then its cost is just the cost price. Thus, if you use Giveaways.li service, you'll save much time for organizations of the process. The contextual or banner advertising would cost much more than your gift. Promotion actions should be arranged and controlled carefully. Giveaway is the easiest, fastest and the most effective way of promotion.

Discussion of your brand or product

If you organize a contest, people'll start to repost it at personal pages in social networks. Interesting or unusual contest rules can draw attention and provoke interest of not only participants, but also mass-media.

A way to stand out among the competitors

The contests become more and more popular among various companies, but still they are not as popular as usual discounts yet. Giveaway contest will favourably mark you out from the competitors and will assure a long-term contact in social networks.

Get rid of the goods rests

Don't know how to get rid of the goods from old collection? Make benefit from this process and arrange a Giveaway contest. Present some goods from the old collection and draw public's attention to the new one.

Information reason

You should remind your followers of you, unless you want them to forget you. There is a plenty of news occasions, but a valuable present will be surely the most pleasant event for them. You can inform about the contest on your website, in social networks and even on a counter at your shop. And if you decide to arrange the contest together with your partner, your audience will increase even more.

Rejoice your followers and yourself

Let's be frankly, we all like to give and get presents. And many of us like to try our luck. Giveaway is an excellent way to please yourself and your clients, to bring joy to the daily routine. It is especially pleasant, if your present your gift the winner personally.