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14 ноября, 2016 - 22:30

How to run a giveaway-contest in Instagram

Help in creating a contest from Giveaways.li service

We've already written about advantages of organizing a contestusing Giveaways.li. The full process of contest's creation is described below, from adding it to the website to announcing its results in Instagram. You can put your questions by writing us at welcome@giveaways.li.

Developing the contest idea, selection of a prize and other things are described in our blog. We recommend you to read these materials before creating your contest.

Arranging the contest

  1. As usually, you post an entry about the contest and specify your rules in your Instagram account.

  2. Participants post photos with fulfilling contest's conditions in their accounts. No additional actions like getting a number are required.

  3. You create a page of your contest on our website, and all photos of the participants made during the contest period according to your #hashtag from Instagram are uploaded there automatically. The fulfilling of your conditions is checked automatically as well (whether participants follow you, whether you were tagged on a photo, whether the participant tagged his/her friends on a photo, etc.). You can swap the steps 1 and 3, it does not matter. But if your contest has started earlier, you should specify the real date of beginning on the contest page, so that all photos of participants will be uploaded to our site.

  4. You can review all photos of participants and delete participants with undesirable photos. For example, if the task was to make a photo in dress, and the participant is wearing jeans, you can inform her about her mistake. Later we'll add possibility to comment photos right on the contest page.

  5. When the contest is over, the winners will be displayed in a special area, over photos of participants on the contest page. The winner will be selected according to the option specified by you (randomly or according to the greatest quantity of likes, or by the contest jury personally).

  6. Post en entry with the winner names in Instagram. You can also post a link to the contest page with photos of all participants and winners to show the audience your contest was fair.

Share the contest page with your participants, so that they can follow your contest and its results online.

Adding a contest to the website

The form for adding a contest is located at the page giveaways.li/add. If you see that the page is not available or you see the prices, that means you don’t have enough funds on your balance or you’re not registered on the website. Login using your Instagram account, replenish your balance and open the page again.

Fill the necessary information on the page of adding a new contest


That’s a short description of your contest. You can specify the name of your company, contest name or a prize. For example:"A trendy rucksack for a trendy photo from <company name>"


Upload a picture which will be shown in the list among the other contests and on the page of your contest. It is advisable to use the same picture for posting in Instagram. You can read the article   about selecting the preparing the picture, or just order "Contest on a turnkey basis " service which already includes preparation of the contest picture.

Dates of start and end of the contest

Specify the period during which participants can post their photos in Instagram. Only the photos posted within the specified period will be uploaded to the contest page. If the contest's started before you create its page on the website, then just specify the earlier date, and the earlier posted photos will be uploaded to the contest page as well.

Unique #hashtag

Think up your unique hashtag according to which the photos of your participants will be selected. You can ask to mark the other popular tags as well, but only one tag has to be unique, otherwise some third-party photos may get to your contest too.

Following the Instagram account

You can specify following some user as one of the contest conditions. Thus, that may be not your own account. Only the photos of people following the specified Instagram account will take part in the contest.

Tagging the Instagram account on a photo

You can specify the account which the participant should tag on his/her photo. This condition will be checked automatically as well.

Tagging own friends on a photo

Specify how many friends (other users of the Instagram) the participant should tag on a photo. The account specified above is not taken into account; it is a specific, separate condition. Use this condition if you want your participants to inform their friends about your contest. But keep in mind that as a rule, people are not happy with conditions like this.

Ways of the winner selection

  • Randomly - upon termination of the contest the winners fulfilled all conditions will be selected randomly by the built in RNG

  • The greatest quantity of likes - the participant with the photo which got the greatest number of 'likes' wins. If several photos have the same quantity of 'likes', the photo posted earlier wins.

  • Personal selection (by the jury) - upon termination of the contest, a link "Choose the winner" will be displayed under each photo. After clicking the link the photos will be displayed in the winner’s block. You can select as many winners, as you've specified in the point below.

Number of winners

Specify how many users will be selected as winners (from 1 to 6). Upon termination of the contest, the block of the winners will display as many winner photos, as you've specified.


In this field you should describe contest conditions, a prize, delivery and other terms. You can paste the description from your Instagram entry.

Press "Save" and your contest will be posted on the website. You can edit contest conditions by pressing "Edit" tag on the contest page.

Upload of photos to the contest

After posting the contest on a website, the photos of your participants from the Instagram will be uploaded to it. The photos are uploaded not instantly, after being posted in the Instagram. The upload can last about an hour. If the photo is not uploaded to the contest page within an hour, it means that it does not satisfy all conditions, for example, if the author does not follow your account or has not tagged three friends on a photo, etc. As soon as all conditions are met, the photo will get to the contest. Share the contest page with your participants, so that they can follow the results online.

After adding a contest

Pressing "Save" button will display the contest on the main page of the website. The countdown of the contest will start.

Post your contest in your Instagram account independently and we'll repost it at @giveaways_li.

The Instagram photos of participants meeting all specified conditions will be uploaded to the contest page. The site checks conditions automatically. Therefore, for example, if you specified the condition to tag you and 5 friends on a photo, you should note these rules in your Instagram account. If the contest rules do not match with the rules specified in Instagram, not all photos or unnecessary photos will be uploaded to the contest. If the number of participants according to Instagram tag is greater than the number of participants on the site, it means not all users have fulfilled the conditions.

Selection and display of winners

No new photos will be uploaded to the site upon termination of the contest, even if they satisfy all specified conditions. When the stop watch shows the last second, the page will be refreshed and the contest page will show the winners selected in the way specified by you. Have a look at how the page with selected contest winners looks like: <http://giveaways.li/11464>.

The block with winners will be displayed over participant photos. Share the link to the contest page in your Instagram accounts. In such a way you can prove independence of selecting the winners, and the participants will see photos of others or find their own pics.